Gregory Purl Writer- Author

I, like a lot of people, I suspect, have tried over the years to create a novel. I made several attempts to no avail.

Now, I have to say that I have a long way to go to create a story that might sell. To date I have completed two books; The New Madrid Project, that was published, June 2015, and there are links to it  that still appear. I was over zealous. The story has hope, but I pulled it to do a rewrite. But in the mean time I had been working on another book, The Goblin Spire, that is in limbo, and I can only blame my brain for that. My brain decided I should write another book, Darkness World, which I finished in May of 2016.

A major flaw, or not, in the way I write is the story develops as I write.  I’ve tried to plan plot lines and ideas, but I can’t. Everything happens as I type.

I returned to Goblin Spire only to be sidetracked again. At this time I am working on, Kyah of N’icia. And if the previous books are an indication, it will be done around April of 2017.

Now being in my mid 60’s, and not having much money, I thought to have a few friends, who actually asked, read my second book. You know, free input. Since I can’t afford a professional. Well I’m finding that was a mistake. Four months and only two reviews out of eight possible. They were good reviews, but I need criticism. And I have some doubt about one person, who says she wants to write a book. No feedback, won’t return calls or texts. I should have had enough sense to at least let LuLu publishing at least get my book copyrighted. I hope my fears are unfounded.

Well, I’ve become known as a liar because people can’t seem to separate my stories from the truth now. So I end my conversations with, I’ve lied enough to you for one day. I’m gonna find somebody else to lie to. “I write fiction you know, so I gotta stay in practice.”


My projects and thoughts

Time to say goodbye to face book.

I will hopefully be able to use this blog to stay in touch with the people I want to stay in touch with………And to post the progress of the stories I am attempting to write.